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From Margarita Island to Cabimas

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About 25 years ago, Pastor Joe was in Cabimas, Venezuela on a Missions Trip.  While there he became very ill and a young teenager by the name of Orlando Molina said he would stay and care for the Pastor that day.  They spoke and prayed and Pastor prophesized over Orlando that he would do God’s work in Margarita Island, where Orlando had never been or thought of going.  Fast Forward 25 years and Orlando and Pastor Joe are connected again by a mutual friend and we find out Orlando is in fact a pastor in Margarita Island and impacting the lives of the community in great ways!

"Agua de Vida" was born from the desire to be a ministry to provide clean drinking water for the community.  Obtaining clean drinking water in Venezuela continues to be an issue. 

The government is now only supplying water every sixty days on Margarita Island and because of this, the water lines become contaminated and cause illnesses such as a Hepatitis A.  In the other regions where they have consistent supplies of water, it is dark brown and not suitable for consumption.

Another church in Cabimas has a great engineer on their team and so Pastor Orlando and Rafa, the engineer, put together a budget and plan to install a water filtration plant in a room in the church there so they could distribute fresh water to the community.  

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